I spent last week in New York doing an interview with a world champion. I will tell you more about that experience, when I am allowed to. We shot the interview at The Gleason's Boxing Gym in the Dumbo District in Brooklyn. 

It was the most amazing place. They have produced more than 135 world champions and where still going strong. The most famous being Muhammed Ali.

The atmosphere was relaxed and warm and the boxers fooled around and made pranks. We where invited in as friends and it was a hugely inspiring experience to get to see these guys and girls do their 'thing'.

I travelled with my friend and photographer Lars Dareberg and the team from GoSpoort.

I will be able to tell you more in a weeks time or so.

Bye bye...


In July the whole Mental Workout team are heading to New York to attend to some really exciting meetings with potential investors, aiming to speed up the work to get to the next level with our mental well-being and performance solution. 

Combined with a really high level range of new experts being on-boarded, the second quarter of the year looks very promising. Working with leading scientists within mental health is the most rewarding job ever! And being able to make their advice and tools available for everybody is a dream come true.

So exiting!!


I am happy to learn that my friends at Conferize, whom I helped create a new concept for their digital platform, are now heading for Nasdaq.

Leading danish financial newspaper Børsen writes: Danish IPO predicted rocket speed from first year on the Nasdaq

Good luck Martin and Jon!



I am happy to have been given the opportunity to work with this small but ambitious danish design brand Made By Hand

They have taken over the production of the iconic Workshop lamp designed in 1951 by E. Wedel-Madsen. The workshop lamp has been used for generations in public areas, workshops and private homes – anywhere great lighting is needed. The solid and industrial look represents in many ways urban and minimalistic Scandinavian lifestyle décor.

I will post the case later this year when the site is ready.


Mental Workout, where I am presently working as a SVP, has partnered with Princess Cruises to deliver bettersleep to their guests. As a starter, some 100,000 booklets will be produced with tips & tricks from our sleep doctor Dr. Michael Breus.

The booklets will be given to the guests together with our app hosting a range of workouts and exercises to help you improve your sleep and minimise the impact of jet lag.

So off you go! No more sleep excuses to not go cruising!



Glaesbolaget has the great pleasure of working with one of the leading
product photographers in the world: Pelle Bergström.

He photographed the 2016 line up with the new Forest Tonic.
Pelle is a true artist when it comes to creating crisp and clear
product representations that just makes you want to
pop that bottle and drink! Thank you so much Pelle!

Read more about our small scale swedish soft drink
at our website


What if you had a magical device that could make strangers appear and disappear all around you… like Ghosts? What if those strangers wanted to share the most amazing stories with you? GHOST gives voice to the stories that cities and neighbourhoods are made of. The invisible stories we can’t know unless someone else tells them to us. And when you listen, it will feel like that someone else is actually right there next to you.

Sign up for the BETA here: Ghost.

Collaboration with Tony Hanna & Co.


What if your bank was more personal? If you could control the interface more? What if just by looking at the first screen you would now, wether you where in trouble with your spendings?

We where hired by Nordea to create a firestarter. A prototype to set fire to the board of the bank and inspire them to take action. Some of the ideas has been implemented and some we are still waiting to see realised in their digital services.

What an awesome project. I will tell you more in a case study at some point.



I was happy to learn that our friends at VERIDU got major funding after years of struggling. I hope that the identity and paperline we created together helped them achieve this :-)

The logo holds the key identifier, the id tag, which is used throughout their solutions as a
strong graphical anchor.





While working as the creative director at Hello Group in Copenhagen, I got the chance to redesign the iconic norwegian furniture brand VARIER.

The new logo is based on the fundamentals of movement and extractions of shape elements from their line of furnitures.

As part of their new strategy we developed a movement tracker concept, that helped the user track the movement of the chair while sitting.



Brief. Recreate the physical and tactile showroom experience of ordering wholesale fashion styles for our biggest brand, Jack & Jones, in a single digital platform.

We did. Concept, UX - visual/interaction/motion design, Development QA.

Partners. Firestarters, Hello Group, Zoolooz, Trifork, and OROI.

Awards. Winner of Danish Digital Award for Business Intelligence, Customer Experience, and Branded Utilities in 2015. We even won the Grand Prix award for overall best project. And as icing on the cake our UX superhero, Jeppe Henckel (Hello), won the personal UX award of the year.